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Pod 84: Supermarionation with Robert J Sawyer (Part Two)
Episode 8420th January 2020 • The Gerry Anderson Podcast • Anderson Entertainment
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This week we are once again joined by Hugo-award-winning science fiction Robert J Sawyer, who talks us through more of his Gerry Anderson experiences and observations particularly focussed on the Supermarionation era

Plus some exciting news about an archive find and auction, a new primer, merch and more. Chris brings us a series opener in the Randomiser, plus Gerry Anderson news and FAB Facts! Wow. What a lot of Anderson goodness!

2:00 Opening ceremonies and some plugging of Richard’s new book: The Body in the Trees

4:40 FAB Facts

9:20 Podsteron email and chat about recycling and scrapping of models

11:40 The Gerry Anderson News including information about the Space Models auction.

19:05 Gerry Anderson themed tube stations. Which is your favourite?

21:15 Part two of our interview with Robert J Sawyer

41:03 Some Tweets from our Podsterons

43:45 The Randomiser with Chris Dale

55:30 Wrapping up and goodbyes!


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