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247: It’s Election Year, What Should I Be Asking My CPA?
Episode 24724th August 2020 • unsuitable on Rea Radio • Rea & Associates
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With the 2020 elections approaching and the uncertainty of what the future holds for COVID-19, we can expect to see new legislation and tax-related provisions over the next few months.

Today, Chris Axene, principal at Rea & Associates, shares some of the decisions we can expect to see from the Supreme Court, as well as some of the questions you should consider asking your CPA during an election year.

Listen to this episode of unsuitable to learn:

  • How it will affect you if the Supreme Court finds the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional when they rule on it this October
  • The considerations to make when tax planning in an election year
  • The cash flow opportunities for businesses and individuals due to COVID-related tax provisions

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