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Veronica Love | Powerful Tools To Wake You Up
Episode 520th January 2023 • The Happiness Squad • Ashish Kothari
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What if we told you that billions of people around the world are walking around, but they are not truly awake? Are you one of them?

Ashish and Anil will dive into this topic with today’s guest, Veronica Love, who will share simple yet powerful tools, better than an alarm clock, that will wake you up. And once you're awake, you will be curious for more. 

Veronica is the global CEO of the Newfield Network, one of the world’s leading transformational learning organizations. Their work in personal growth, coach training, professional development, and within organizations increase your reach and influence over your life and surroundings.

Veronica holds a master's degree in acupuncture and is a professional certified coach. She's led Newfield’s signature Coaching for Personal and Professional Mastery program for over 18 years in eight countries and in two languages.  She has trained leaders, coaches from organizations including NASA, Google, Nike, IBM and more.

Veronica powerfully integrates linguistic, emotional and somatic awareness to foster potent learning environments, equipping coaches and leaders with the capacity to generate transformative and sustainable change for their clients and organizations.  Ashish himself is a testimonial of her work.

In this new episode of the Happiness Squad podcast, Veronica will talk about two models that will allow you to develop your own self-awareness and will reveal some effective tips on how to unlock your potential and find real meaning.

You will also find out what real happiness means for Veronica and what brings happiness in her life.

You will learn more about the importance of self-awareness and why Veronica dedicated her life to helping people wake up.

Veronica will talk about the three core levels of awareness and how you can develop the practice of self-awareness.

Veronica will reveal an amazing story of personal transformation she encountered in  her professional experience.

She will also talk about Newfield Network's mission and practices, the difference between remaining asleep or setting aside the time to become aware and emotionally agile and so much more

Listen now to learn a new way to rewire your brain fro happiness and fulfilment!


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