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Becoming a USA Today Bestselling Author & Exploring How Self-Publishing Has Changed (with sweet romance author Regina Duke)
Episode 813th April 2022 • Making Money Making Art • Kate Cavanaugh
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In today's episode, we're chatting with USA Today Bestselling sweet romance author, Regina Duke!

We discuss what it's like to continue a long-running series (she's expecting to publish the 13th book in her Colorado Billionaires series at the end of this year) while also playing around in multiple different genres (sci-fi, mystery, etc.) and all the formats (short story, novella, and novels so far).

Regina also takes us through how the self-publishing industry has changed over the decade she's been publishing. She takes us through the great years (hitting that USA Today Bestseller list, selling tens of thousands of books in a month) and also the slow years. One of the aspects I loved most about our conversation was Regina's emphasis on celebrating those big moments but also relishing the freedom that the slower times gift her.

I had such a fun time digging into the nitty gritty numbers with Regina and also discussing how we plan to keep treating ourselves for the work that we're proud of accomplishing! And I hope you enjoy her insights as much as I did!

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