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Karthik Suresh: Advice for Computer Science Students
Episode 21st September 2020 • Machine Learning Engineered • Charlie You
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Karthik Suresh works as a software engineer at Blend, the leading digital lending platform. He previously worked at Coursera, Biomedtrics, and KloudData. Learn more about Karthik:

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(02:40) How were you exposed to CS? Why did you decide to pursue it?

(10:30) What advice would you give yourself going into college?

(20:00) Does GPA matter?

(30:20) Job hunting in college

(36:05) Working at Blend

(39:00) Internships

(45:50) Startups vs big tech companies

(58:30) Trends in fin-tech

(01:05:00) Rapid fire questions

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