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Once and Future Authors - Stephanie Larkin EPISODE 12, 6th April 2021
Expand Your Horizons with Author & Photographer Jason Gardner
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Expand Your Horizons with Author & Photographer Jason Gardner

Join us today on this wonderful episode of "Once and Future Authors" where we meet with Jason Gardner, author of "A Flower in the Mouth" and passionate, worldly photographer.

We delve into the beauty and history of Carnaval through Jason's book "A Flower in the Mouth." This book showcases the culture, music, and traditions of the genuine, folkloric Carnaval festival in Pernambuco, Brazil.

Jason is an incredibly successful photographer who has been featured in "The New York Times," "NPR.org," "The Rolling Stones," "New York Magazine," and more! He has even worked with HBO, Phizer, and DirectTV.

Expand your horizons as Jason tells all about the beautiful world he has come to know!

Check out Jason's projects and photos on his website http://www.jasongardner.net/

Find "A Flower in the Mouth" at http://www.jasongardner.net/shop/afitm

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