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252: A Comprehensive Approach To Vulvodynia & Vulvar Pain with Dr. Allyson Shrikhande
Episode 2529th May 2022 • The Period Party • Nicole Jardim
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Dr. Allyson Shrikhande is a board-certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialist, a leading expert on pelvic health, and a respected researcher, author, and lecturer. Dr. Shrikhande is a recognized authority on male and female pelvic pain diagnosis and treatment and she’s dedicated to helping men and women address their pelvic pain through a minimally invasive, cutting-edge approach that combines mainstream clinical medicine, and many alternative, holistic, and homeopathic approaches.


In this episode, we talk about the stigma associated with vulvar pain, why many women go undiagnosed, the connection between vulvodynia and other conditions such as endometriosis and PCOS, how vulvodynia is diagnosed and treated, and so much more!

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