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The Eating Disorders Genetics Initiative - Prof. Gerome Breen
11th August 2021 • MyoMinds Podcast • George Mycock
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Please remember that no episode of the MyoMinds podcast can be used as a replacement for medical advice and/or care.

Today on the MyoMinds Podcast, I speak with Professor Gerome Breen who is the Principal Investigator for EDGI (Eating Disorders Genetics Initiative).

In this episode Gerome and I discuss topics such as:

  • How genetics can influence the likelihood of developing an ED
  • How EDGI's genetic research hopes to progress
  • Prof. Breen' aspirations for the implementation of this research
  • How YOU can be involved in EDGI's research
  • Prof. Breen's opinion on the recent UK government scheme hoping to track the diet and exercise behaviours of the UK population

Todays' Devils Advocate question: "Isn't it more important we focus on research about care? Who cares about genes?"

To sign up to EDGI's research you can click the link here:

You can also take a look at some of the papers we mentioned during the podcast below: