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Advocating for Equity in Healthcare (Feat. Dr. Khama Ennis, MD, MPH)
26th February 2024 • Motivational Mondays: Conversations with Leaders • National Society of Leadership and Success
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Dr. Khamma Ennis is not only an accomplished physician with a Master's Degree in Public Health but also the visionary creator of ‘Faces of Medicine’, which is a groundbreaking narrative health equity project focused on the journeys of black female doctors.

Dr. Ennis’s work in public health has given her a unique insight into illness and diseases but also a broader perspective on why many illnesses occur in some while wellness flourishes in others. 

Additionally, Dr. Ennis’s work is driven by a passion to make health care accessible and more equitable for everyone, especially marginalized groups.

When Dr. Khama Ennis shares how bias and stereotypes can negatively impact patient care, she has many examples but it sometimes comes down to what she feels is subliminal bias in all humans and in medicine.

This week, you’ll learn the inspiration behind Dr. Ennis’s docu-series ‘Faces of Medicine’, and how Dr. Ennis decided upon storytelling as a way to connect communities and the future of medicine and equality in healthcare.


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>>Listen to the bonus episode to learn why we need to hold pharma companies accountable and how advertising campaigns help the indoctrination of substance abuse. (

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