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106: Leading with Vision we talk with James Libson of Mishcon de Reya
Episode 10624th April 2018 • LeftFoot - Fresh Conversations on the Business of Law • Nicole Giantonio
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The Essence of Vision

In this week’s episode, we talk with James Libson, Executive Partner at Mishcon de Reya, about his practice and setting up the Mishcon Academy to help lawyers develop the skills needed in today’s modern legal environment.

Reflecting on his career; his success as a firm leader; and cultivating business, James talks about continuously servicing clients, guarding their interests while constantly being on the hunt for new clients; many of which will come through good service in the form of referrals.  He encourages his legal team to take advantage of both the institutional business development efforts available through the firm while also seeing business development as building their own business.   This encouragement along with the addition of business and commercial training available through the Mishcon Academy has shown accelerated results; and is now part of the formal training program for Mishcon team members.

When asked about growth strategy, it’s evident this is an area were the Mishcon de Reya has spent time and effort; and it’s paying off.    The process began by developing 3-year strategic plans for each of their 16 businesses.  Attention to these strategies has resulted in significant growth.   Taking this further Mishcon is rolling their 3-year plans under a 10-year vision for the company.  The business decisions being made by Mishcon today represent the desired essence of the firm 10 years into the future.   By thinking, working and planning for a future vision, they’re able to make brave decisions enhancing the business in areas they wouldn’t otherwise invest.

When analyzing the market, James finds the most innovative lawyers are looking at the application of the law in new areas like drone or blockchain law.    Dovetailing this with his advice to lawyers, seek an area of law that’s of interest to you; that’s intellectually stimulating.   Today lawyers need different skills; it’s these skills that will accurate the advancement of this new generation of lawyers within the firm.

James Libson is the Executive Partner at Mishcon de Reya.  He acts for a variety of clients in the areas of privacy, employment, commercial disputes and litigation.  He’s worked on several high profile cases and believes a lawyer in practice is nothing without clients.    James Libson Bio