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Rappers Over Thirty - Steven Laws EPISODE 12, 11th February 2021
ROT 012 Rhymes Laced with Life with St. Louis Gibbor

ROT 012 Rhymes Laced with Life with St. Louis Gibbor

In this episode of the “Rappers Over Thirty” podcast: “Rhymes Laced with Life with St. Louis Gibbor. Imp commends the two west coast rappers “Boskoe” and “Gonzoe” for settling their differences in the boxing ring as oppose to taking it to the streets. The celebrity boxing match will be on March 13, 2021 at the California Thunder dome.

Imp also discusses his gardening experience and the benefits of gardening as well as the emotional distress of seeing your plants or gardening die. He advises people with backyards to start gardening.

 He discusses feeling sick and not being able to work out as much and shares his hot tea solution and sends his condolences to all the victims of Corona Virus.

The special guest of the is St. Louis Gibbor who shares how he shed his old street ways once he had and epiphany with God. He talks various trials and tribulations he faced as being part black and part white, marital problems, going to jail, standards for being an emcee, his bout with having Corona Virus, his new album release “The Supernatural Progression of the Boom Bap” and much more.

The songs played on this episode are:

Homesick by St. Louis Gibbor and DJ Jahbluez

Darling Carla by St. Louis Gibbor and DJ Jahbluez

Give It Your All by St. Louis Gibbor and DJ Jahbluez

The Ghost by St. Louis Gibbor and DJ Jahbluez

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Click the inks below to see St. Louis Gibbor Music Videos:


NAT TURNER featuring O.G. Bobby Ne'gro & St. Louis Gibbor Prod. by DJ JahBluez


The quotes of the day are:

“If you’re doing something that you love to make a living, make sure you love it and make sure you do it.” - Myka 9

 “If I thought about it, I could be bitter, but I don’t feel like being bitter. Being bitter makes you immobile, and there’s too much I still want to do” - Richard Pryor 

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