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380 | Being Intentional as a Mom
Episode 38014th February 2022 • CRAFTed Entrepreneur • Cayla Craft
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If you have kids or want kids, this episode is a must-listen. As we are on our unique journeys of self-growth, we are intentional about what content we consume, especially when it comes to TV and movies. But what about guarding the hearts of our children? Cayla shares how she discovered the little negative changes in her children’s behavior after spending time watching a seemingly harmless show on television. While it is okay to consume content, Cayla realized that she needed to put more time into creating with her kids and that’s what she has done.

Listen to find out how Cayla made a plan and became more intentional as a mom. Not only is it guarding their hearts, but it is making lasting impressions and teaching them important life skills.

You will learn:

  • [2:00] - We are intentional about what media we consume, but what about guarding our children’s hearts?
  • [3:54] - Although rated highly and seemingly harmless, Cayla noticed her children’s behavior changing after watching certain shows on TV.
  • [5:04] - It’s okay to be a consumer, but make sure to spend time creating, too.
  • [6:55] - Cayla lists things she heard growing up that she aims to never say to her kids. Have you said any of them?
  • [8:02] - Explain to your children why you want them to do the things you tell them to do.
  • [10:22] - The number one focus for Cayla is reading and meditating on scriptures with them.
  • [12:19] - Cayla wants her kids to have a spirit of joy and takes time to show them this.
  • [14:14] - Cayla gives ideas on how to integrate small amounts of time that make a huge difference.
  • [15:53] - Be specific when you give your kids praise.
  • [16:58] - Multi-tasking prevents you from making impactful memories.

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