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How to Give Yourself Permission to Thrive with Dr Katya Miles
Episode 7918th May 2021 • You Are Not A Frog • Dr Rachel Morris
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This week, Dr Katya Miles returns to talk to us about spotting burnout and giving yourself permission to thrive.

Episode Highlights

[05:53] Overcoming Perfectionism

  • We need to embrace learning through making mistakes.
  • We often beat ourselves up even if nobody else knows the right thing to do.

[11:37] Factors That Lead to Burnout

  • Many professionals in high-stress jobs think that stress is normal even if it’s not.
  • Learn your personal red flags. 

[16:29] Warning Signs of Burnout

  • We stop doing healthy habits.
  • We turn to unhealthy coping responses.
  • Be mindful of the reasons behind our unhealthy practices.
  • Having accountability helps in embedding healthy practices in our lives. 

[23:43] Why It’s Difficult to Give Ourselves Permission to Thrive

  • If your identity is so linked with your job, self-care is more difficult.
  • We don’t reflect enough on the fact that we are all finite resources.

[33:34] Give Yourself Permission to Thrive

  • Have honest conversations about your struggles.
  • Reflect by journaling, creative pursuits, or being in nature.
  • Think about the consequences if you don’t give yourself permission to thrive.

[38:51] Drive Zone, Threat Zone and Soothe Zone

  • We spend most of our time in the threat or drive zone.
  • Resting improves cognitive performance and overall well-being.

[41:32] Katya’s Top Tips

  • Give yourself permission to thrive.
  • Try to deliver on what you need at the moment.
  • Develop the habit of looking after yourself.

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