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The Perfect Marriage of Content and Instructor [E139]
Episode 13919th June 2024 • Diagnosing the Aftermarket A to Z • LSTN Media LLC
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Matt Fanslow and Carm Capriotto, from the Remarkable Results Radio Podcast, discuss their experiences at the NAPA Autotech Training Research Center in Canton, Ohio. They emphasize the importance of accurate and applicable training, lifelong learning, safety, and respect when working with electrified vehicles, and the evolving technology in the automotive industry.

Show Notes

  • Watch Full Video Episode
  • Inspiration for podcast topics (00:01:49) 
  • Assisting other shops (00:02:40) 
  • Value of training (00:08:08)
  • Understanding EV technology (00:04:20) 
  • Accuracy in training (00:09:32) 
  • Respecting electricity in EVs (00:15:39) 
  • Importance of training and safety protocols (00:17:05) 
  • Impact of EVs on the automotive industry (00:20:21) 
  • Need for reading service information (00:21:22)
  • Educating and preparing for EV repair (00:26:27) 
  • Importance of owner's involvement in training (00:31:15) 
  • Autonomous Vehicles and Training Challenges (00:32:13)
  • NFL Hall of Fame Visit (00:34:36) 

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