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Chick-fil-A mobile lanes, Toast's new CEO and Taco Tuesday
8th September 2023 • Extra Serving: A restaurant industry podcast • Nation's Restaurant News
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This week, on the Extra Serving podcast, NRN editors Holly Petre, Sam Oches and Leigh Anne Zinsmeister spoke about Chick-fil-A’s mobile order pick up lanes.

This week, Chick-fil-A announced it would be upping its number of mobile drive-thru lanes. Chick-fil-A has had a tough time opening new units because towns and cities know what it means for them: lots of traffic and disruptions. These new mobile lanes, having been through a successful test, could take the pressure off municipalities that have had to work around the long lines at Chick-fil-A drive-thrus.

Also, Toast got a new CEO this week. In light of the 99-cent fee controversy of earlier this summer, the company is seemingly rebranding from the C-suite down. What does this mean for the restaurant technology brand and is this just smoke and mirrors?

Finally, Taco Bell is taking Taco Tuesday to the next level. After Taco John’s was “bullied” into giving up their rights to the phrase, Taco Bell is inviting 20,000 Mexican restaurants across the country to participate in the biggest Taco Tuesday celebration ever. Is part of this to cover the fact that Taco Bell was painted in a bad light amid its tactics to win the war against Taco John’s?

This week’s guest is Mark Eason, former Firebirds Wood Fired Grill CEO and current Hickory Tavern CEO.





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