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Meet the Author with Karen J. Hewitt
25th January 2022 • Safeopedia Podcasts • Safeopedia Podcast
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Join us for another Meet the Author with Karen J. Hewitt as she discusses her book "People Power: Transform your business in the era of safety and wellbeing" with co-host Gary Wong and Tamara Parris.

2021 has been called the Year of Extremes - extreme weather with natural catastrophes (heat waves, drought, wildfires, flooding rain, deep freezes). Throw in pandemic restrictions, social injustice, broken supply chain processes, digital technology running amok.

- How do we continue to protect our workforce in the long term?

- How do we engage employees, who have had their confidence - levels knocked in the turbulence of a pandemic?

- How do we get the best out of an employee base that is already having to operate in a ‘new normal’?

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