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David Thompson - "Impact How They Feel"
Episode 59th April 2021 • Accelerant • Daxko
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 With a three-generation personal history in the Y, David Thompson’s Y roots run deep. He has remained engaged in his community through various roles in many different branches around the country. As the current Group Vice President for the YMCA of Greater Dayton, David shares lessons in gratitude that have carried him through the pandemic, and give him hope in the future of The Movement.   

  • Broad Focused Roles: David’s role blends branch operations and marketing. The context switching between these duties helps him develop a holistic picture of the Y, informing marketing strategy, and giving him a chance to engage directly with members of the community. Evaluating community perception of new offerings, training staff on new tactics, and getting marketing feedback on the fly all help David make quick campaign adjustments to ensure success. 
  • Digital Footprint: We all know about changes in virtual offerings, but David wants to take it further. What about QR codes and touchless options for membership and program sign-up? And what about a strong push to maintain virtual meetings for parents and staff? A strong digital footprint is vital to recovery and can open interesting avenues to serve the community even beyond the pandemic.  
  • Choose Happiness: Changing minds and hearts starts with your own. At some level, as David points out, we are choosing to be content. For David, even in the toughest situations, it is important to find silver linings, engage members in hope, and continue serving a mission driven incentive.  

This interview took place on March 26, 2021