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88 | Fulfill Your Destiny As A Cosmic Changemaker with Yanik Silver
Episode 881st August 2022 • Sacred Changemakers • Jayne Warrilow
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Our guest on the podcast this week is Yanik Silver, he has been called a Cosmic Catalyst, a Maverick Mischief-maker, and a Galactic Goofball. He redefines how business is played in the 21st century at the intersection of evolutionary growth, impact, and fun. Yanik is the creator of the Cosmic Journal, author of Evolved Enterprise, and the founder of Maverick1000, a global collective of visionary entrepreneurs making a serious difference in the world, without taking themselves too seriously. In fact, it’s not unusual to find him dressed as a lemur, a showgirl, or even in matching mermaid tails with Sir Richard Branson.

In our conversation today you’re going to hear us talking about life and business and everything in-between, so get a notepad because you’re going to want to take notes. Yanik shares so many insights that have helped him along his own life path, how his family are immigrants, his entrepreneurial childhood, and how these life experiences have shaped him into the person he is today. Someone who is inspiring evolved enterprises, working with visionary entrepreneurs, and making a real and massive impact in our world.

Listen in as Yanik shares his own experience of shifting his business sideways, to fulfill his own destiny and the challenges that emerged for him at that inflection point. How we are all destined for greatness, and how we are ‘called’ to listen deeply within as we begin to place our trust in life and move towards creating a business that is more in harmony with what we truly want. His advice is invaluable, from the fear monster “ every time you compare, you make yourself feel less than”, to synchronicities, the seismic shifts underway in business, and the creative dialogues he captures inside his journal, written with his non-dominant hand. So incredibly inspiring!

If you get the sense that you too have a destiny, and perhaps you’re not living into that in a fully expressed way, or maybe you simply don’t know how to move your life in a new direction, then I encourage you to listen to this deeply resonant dialogue for insights. I suspect you’ll enjoy Yanik's perspective on fulfilling your destiny as a cosmic changemaker as much as I did.

Key Takeaways

  • Yanik’s unique life experiences that have brought him to ‘catalyzing the catalysts’.
  • When your cosmic alarm clock rings, how to uncover your own sense of destiny
  • What to do when you realize you are at an inflection point and something bigger is calling to you
  • Tools for unlocking your own inner power and creating harmony in your world
  • How play, fun, and experimentation can lead to exponential results in your business

Memorable Quote

“If you don’t show up as your fullest self, then the world is suffering in some way because you’re playing smaller”—Yanik Silver

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