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70: The Future of Hybrid-Remote Working with Jennifer Dowling
18th June 2021 • Happier At Work® • Aoife O'Brien
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Jennifer Dowling is a Chartered Work and Organisational Psychologist and Director of Train Remote. She specialises in remote, flexible and hybrid working. Jennifer has a strong background in people development, psychometrics, selection, training and coaching. In this episode, Aoife and Jennifer discuss the future of hybrid-remote working in the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the power of autonomy in work and the benefits of effective time management and self-observation. Main points covered throughout the episode include: - An introduction to Jennifer Dowling. - The future of work and flexibility. - Transitioning from an interactive environment to remote work. - The power of autonomy in work. - The importance of self-awareness and understanding your working needs and values. - Understanding individual differences. - Building, communicating and demonstrating trust in the workplace. - The impact of self-limiting beliefs VS empowering beliefs. - Temporal awareness and mastering time management at work. - The benefit of practising self-observation and self-check ins. - Learning from daily reflections. - Recognising the difference between observation and judgement. - What makes Jennifer happier at work. Jennifer has worked with many organisations on the transition to remote working. She specialises in training, coaching and team development for managers and teams transitioning to more agile and flexible working. She is qualified in several psychometric tools and an experienced trainer, facilitator and coach. She is fuelled by curiosity, primarily in people; what makes us tick, makes us different and what contributes to making us the best version of ourselves! Connect with Jennifer Dowling: Connect with Happier at Work host Aoife O’Brien: Resources: Article: The Neuroscience of Trust by Paul J. Zak Talks at Google: The Lucifer Effect – Phillip Zimbardo App: Mood Meter – A gift of self-awareness for yourself and others.




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