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Top Traders Unplugged - Niels Kaastrup-Larsen 27th September 2020
SI107: Best and Worst markets to trade and benefits of adding the S&P500 ft. Moritz Seibert
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SI107: Best and Worst markets to trade and benefits of adding the S&P500 ft. Moritz Seibert

In this episode, we discuss the best & worst markets for Trend Following strategies in recent years, the benefits of trading & investing across multiple timeframes, how a combined portfolio of Trend Following & the S&P500 has been historically lucrative, the perils of a market that is stuck in a large trading range, and how 3 months can easily change your year-to-date performance.  Questions we answer include: What are your thoughts on inflation & fixed income, as they relate to Trend Following?  How do commission & other charges affect systematic trading strategies? What is the optimal allocation to Trend Following?  Do you have any advice for trading CFDs?

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Episode TimeStamps:

00:00 – Intro

01:57 – Macro recap from Niels

04:32 – Weekly review of performance

32:46 – Q1; James: Why does Moritz seemingly switch his positioning in a market between long & short, some times, and not other times?

39:42 – Q2 & Q3; Eduardo: What are your thoughts on inflation, bonds & Trend Following on fixed income?  How do commissions and charges affect a Trend Following strategy?

59:00 – Q4; Anti: Is Moritz’s system a ‘stop & reverse’ system?

01:01:02 – Q5 & Q6; Mikael K:  Can you build a trend following trading system based on Options rather than Futures? Do you have any advice for trading CFD’s?

01:05:11 – Q7; Michael N: What is the optimal portfolio allocation to Trend Following?

01:09:57 – Benchmark performance update