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The Power of Grief, Letting Go & Fear of Leadership w/ Joe Hawley
Episode 213th July 2022 • The Fear Alchemist • Ben Harris
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Welcome to another episode of The Fear Alchemist Podcast. This week we have the co-founder of The Härt Collective, Joe Hawley, on the show. This podcast was recorded in January 2022, so a lot has changed, but there’s still so much value to be shared. We dive into how we initially connected, our individual relationships with fear, and how we’ve transmuted our gifts into the creation of The Härt Collective and the Fear Alchemy course. We also explore the purpose of grief, the power of facing it head on, and how Joe is alchemizing his fear of leadership through entrepreneurship.


Joe Hawley is a former NFL athlete turned entrepreneur, founder of The Hart Collective, investor and host of the ‘Drop Into The Hart’ podcast. Joe played for 8 years in the NFL as a starting Center before retiring in 2017. His passion now includes curating sacred space for heart-led leaders who are on the path, seeking deeper healing, growth and connection through The Härt Collective.


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