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No. 067 What Being a Showrunner Can Teach Us About Parenting (and Vice Versa)
13th July 2016 • The Showrunner • Rainmaker Digital LLC
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Jerod is set to become a parent for the first time later this month. Jonny has been a parent now for 11 years, and podcasting has featured prominently in the development of his relationship with his daughter. Needless to say, Jerod has some questions … and Jonny does his best to provide some answers.

How do you balance parenting and podcasting? We discuss that in this week’s new episode. It definitely goes into some places we didn’t expect.

Among the specific topics we get into:

  • How Jonny tries to “lead by example” for his daughter
  • What it was like when his daughter decided to get into podcasting herself
  • How the Nastors have found a work-life balance that works for them (even though Jonny would bristle at it being called a “work-life balance”)
  • The only one-size-fits-all answer for creating a positive balance in every house

And more. We do leave one bullet undiscussed that we had planned to cover, however, we decided to save it for next week and dedicate an entire episode to it. Stay tuned for that.

This week’s podcast recommendations:

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