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Life-Changing Books That Uncover New Perspectives for Personal Growth
Episode 2532nd October 2023 • Leaders Moment • Scott McClelland
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Have you ever heard these myths about books that can truly transform your life? Myth number one: Books can't really change you, it's all just hype. Myth number two: Only self-help books can have a profound impact. Myth number three: You have to finish a book for it to have any meaningful impact on your life. As you might have guessed, none of these are actually true.

Join Scott and guest Ken Brooks as they share the books that have changed their lives and some of the insights they have gleaned along the way.

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  • The transformative power of books as a catalyst for personal change.
  • How to maximize your potential by viewing each challenge as an opportunity.
  • How authenticity and transparency in online interactions enhance your social media presence.



Ken Brooks’s thirst for knowledge is unquenchable. His life is dedicated to the pursuit of lifelong learning, which he believes is the gateway to personal evolution and leadership. 

Ken is known for his patience and wisdom. His personal journey shows that we grow the most when we actively pursue growth and knowledge. His passion for self-discipleship and personal development acts as an inspiration for leaders, encouraging them to never stop learning and growing.

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