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How rescue dog Beautie inspired Lisette to start DoggyWarriors and help thousands of dogs in need
17th January 2023 • The Paw Post Podcast • Rachel Spencer
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Scrolling through Facebook, Lisette Van Riel’s heart melted at the sight of a sad looking rescue dog sat in a crate at the vets.

She turned to her husband Dan, “She’s Beautie, and she keeps being taken back to the shelter. Can we foster her, just for a few days?” 

A few days turned into forever, with Lisette bringing the young dog who’d lost her leg in a road accident back to Leeds from Dubai where they’d met.

Fast forward nearly three years later and Beautie and her devoted owner Lisette have raised over £75,000 for rescue dogs.

Small rehoming shelters across the UK have benefited from her fundraising via her DoggyLottery and DoggyWarrior campaigns.

To date (January 2023), Lisette’s work has impacted a TENTH of the 800 rescue centres. 

Dogs have had lifesaving surgery and centres who rely entirely on the kindness of volunteers and donations have been given a much needed lifeline.

In this podcast, Lisette shares her heartwarming story of how her adorable girl Beautie changed her life and those of hundreds of dogs in need.

Topics and timings in this episode:

0.01 - Introducing Lisette from Doggie Warriors.

1.38 - How DoggyLottery and DoggyWarriors is all down to Beautie.

4.14 - What happened when Lisette lost her dad and how Beautie kept her going.

6.15 -The need for financial aid for rescue dogs in the UK.

8.10 - Raising £75,000 for rescue dogs

10.15 - The impact that’s had on the rescue centres

12.04 - What it was like at the beginning to get the word out.

15.33 - The hurdles Lisette had to jump through to get the lottery started.

17.54 - The importance of having the right people around you.

20.42 - How to find out more about Lisette’s work and support her mission

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