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BONUS EPISODE: Write Addictive Email Newsletters – Recorded Live at #2020 Sorted
Episode 2512th April 2020 • The Email Marketing Show • Email Marketing Heroes
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Sending email newsletters doesn’t have to be a chore, in fact, we’ve found a way to write email copy that will have your subscribers truly addicted to your emails!

If you’ve got a list (little or large) then you’ve got an opportunity to increase engagement, build trust, get clicks, and make sales with every single email you send.

We were asked by marketing queen Janet Murray to speak about this exact topic at her live #2020 Sorted event in Nottingham, and now we get to share the recording of that in this episode.

So, if you want your subscribers begging you for your next email newsletter instalment then listen to our practical tips and strategies and start implementing them right now.

Episode Content

  • (5:21) The secret to fitting email into your marketing strategy.
  • (6:07) The number one method for growing your email list.
  • (7:12) You should never send another email without this one thing!
  • (12:01) Crank up these two elements to get more opens and clicks in your newsletters.
  • (13:41) Personality, personality, personality!
  • (20:30) Seven ways to get people addicted to opening your emails.
  • (25:37) You sell in your emails how often?!
  • (27:04) The one thing you should always do in your emails.
  • (27:47) Your customers are your most important asset, that’s why you should always…
  • (28:17) How to turn your email storytelling into a pitch without p*ssing people off.

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