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Fly Into the Wind!
Episode 2812th September 2023 • Path to Abundant Living • Scott Morrison and Matt Nordmann
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It all began with Lieutenant Col. Dan Rooney’s flight home from his second tour of duty in Iraq. An F-16 fighter pilot in the Oklahoma Air National Guard, he became painfully aware of the realities families face when a loved one in uniform is fallen or disabled.

Since that night, Lt Col Rooney has committed his life to rallying patriotic Americans and meeting sacrifice with hope through the Folds of Honor. Since 2007, they’ve provided life-changing scholarships to the spouses and children of America’s fallen or disabled military. And now, their mission expands to the families of America’s first responders.

Since its birth, Folds of Honor has helped over 44,000 military and first responder families with nearly $200,000,000 in life changing scholarships. 

Join us for a very special episode of Path to Abundant Living, where we discuss Folds of Honor, "going before you're ready," and some of the pivotal life experiences Dan Rooney has faced along his path.


0:06 - Introduction and overview on the topic of the show

1:45 - How Matt came to know Lt Col Dan Rooney

4:30 - Welcoming Dan Rooney to the show

6:21 - How Folds of Honor was developed during a moment of synchronicity

9:58 - Scaling Folds of Honor and making a real impact

18:37 - Dan's new book "Fly into the Wind" and the life lessons throughout

24:13 - "Chair flying" and "Go before you're ready"

28:13 - How someone can get involved with Folds of Honor and make a difference

31:23 - Where the money donated to Folds of Honor goes exactly

34:00 - How Dan was able to land Budweiser as a partner with Folds of Honor

37:15 - What's on the horizon for Dan Rooney

40:15 - Matt's overall impression of Dan Rooney and what he got out of the conversation

43:30 - Ryan working on the Folds of Honor documentary several years ago

46:20 - Closing remarks

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