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344. Long-Distance Relationships: How to Stay Connected + Grow
Episode 34423rd July 2020 • Almost 30 • Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik
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Long-distance relationships are hard. Period. Whether it’s your romantic partner, friends, or family, it’s difficult to keep your relationship thriving without seeing each other in person. Lindsey has plenty of experience with this!  She is currently in a long-distance relationship. While we can’t travel and see the people we love as often as we’d like, Lindsey’s hope is that you can take these tips and apply them to any long-distance relationship to make things a little easier.

We talk about:

  • Finding out what communication styles work best for you
  • Checking in about each others’ day
  • Making sure to connect intentionally
  • Giving each other permission to explore your interests
  • Making a shared playlist—music is healing!
  • Focusing on positivity
  • Taking advantage of distance to work through things
  • Having a long-term plan

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