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#066 - Sunlight for Weight Control? - Professor Scott Byrne
25th September 2019 • humanOS Radio • humanOS Radio
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In this episode of humanOS Radio, Dan speaks with Scott Byrne. Scott is a professor at the University of Sydney School of Medicine. He is a cellular immunologist who is studying how the ultraviolet part of the solar spectrum activates regulatory pathways that result in immune suppression and tolerance. When Scott and his team were investigating skin cancer development in mice, they happened to notice that mice receiving ultraviolet radiation gained less weight than counterparts. These observations inspired Scott and his team to perform a series of experiments examining how regular exposure to physiologically relevant doses of solar ultraviolet radiation (like an amount that you could realistically get on a sunny day) influences weight gain and cardiovascular disease. And the findings were pretty eye-opening. To learn what they discovered, and more in general about the far-reaching effects of sun exposure on human health, check out this interview!



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