Continuing a Family Legacy with V&M Bistro
Episode 537th March 2022 • Order Up • National Restaurant Association
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This week on Order Up, we’re celebrating Women’s History Month by chatting with Vincenza and Margherita Carrieri-Russo, a sister duo of restaurateurs continuing their family legacy in the food service industry. Tune in to hear them discuss how V&M Italian-American Bistro was born, what they did to adapt during the pandemic as a small business, and why food is a gift of love and gratitude. Plus, learn all about their latest endeavor: boozy ice cream!  

  • (01:30) - Who are V&M?
  • (02:44) - Continuing a family legacy
  • (03:56) - Forgive quickly
  • (06:19) - Ice cream innovations
  • (10:48) - Food and love
  • (13:40) - Speaking up with the Hill Runner’s program
  • (17:00) - Staying the course
  • (21:34) - Continuing the conversation

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Learn more about Women’s History Month from the National Restaurant Association here.

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