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HTW-Ep 149 What Power of Scope Should I Get?
Episode 1492nd February 2023 • Hunt the World • Rolling Bones Outfitters
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This is a question we get A LOT. So we thought we’d address it today. What magnification power should I look for when considering a new scope for my rifle? What is the best magnification? Now… there is a simple answer to that question but before we get to that today we have a few questions that you need to ask. And both Brad and Brian give you their top three most important things they consider when buying a new scope. And here’s a podcast special for you this weekend: The RBO teams are in Harrisburg, PA and at the Western Expo in Salt Lake City and if you come to our booth and say “Mark 5 3.6 to 18” you’ll get a free Rolling Bones cap. Thank you for listening and you can always send in your podcast questions and feedback to