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Episode 28 | An Invitation To Humanity, Creating Bridges To Better with Michelle Lopes Maldonado
Episode 2824th August 2020 • Sacred Changemakers • Jayne Warrilow
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Our guest on the podcast this week is Michelle Maldonado.

Michelle is the Founder and CEO of Lucensia, a human potential, emotional intelligence and mindful business transformation firm, that develops leaders and evolves their organizations while creating sustainable well-being and resilience with positive performance impact.

Two months ago she co-authored with her family, an open letter to humanity and a resource guide called “A Bridge To Better” for healing self and society, as she felt called to do something as her family, like many of us, has been experiencing a full range of emotions related to the social and racial injustices that have been present for centuries, but culminated again most recently with the killing of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and George Floyd in the U.S. and rather than sit in sadness and anger she chose to turn to hope, promise and wise action, creating a resource guide to help us to meaningfully connect with one another, fuel profound change and create positive impact for a better world. I found it to be a very wise and compassionate conversation starter, so I’m thrilled Michelle agreed to stop by today to talk in a little more detail…

Listen in as Michelle shares her personal journey, the gifts she received in childhood that became a through line for her eventual work in the world. Michelle shares how her family decided to write their invitation to humanity as a guide to help us all create bridges to better, taking responsibility for ourselves, our family, our community and our organizations. She talks about very complex issues in very gentle and compassionate ways, allowing us to connect in our own way with this important conversation.

We discussed how to dismantle beliefs, deal with our emotions and helps us to awaken to a profound and expansive now. This was such a deeply thoughtful and compassionate conversation, that helped me to deepen my understanding of staying in the conversation that is gaining momentum towards belonging and unity.

If you haven’t seen the family’s resource guide you can click the link below to download a copy for yourself. Highly recommended!

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