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Finish Line Focus with Ahalya Lettenberger (S17E23)
9th June 2022 • IronWomen podcast • IronWomen podcast
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Usually, you just get one interview...but this week? Three! We know that many of you have been following the Unbound Gravel Races that happened in Emporia last week, so this week we were able to grab a couple of interviews from our friends over at Girls Gone Gravel, to air for you! Kathryn Taylor first chats to Heather Jackson who recently raced in the Ironman World Championships, and says that she used the championships for "preparation" for her Unbound race. Kathryn then catches up with Rach McBride, the first non-binary athlete to complete the 200-mile gravel race!

But this is NOT ALL! Haley and Alyssa have an in-depth discussion with Ahalya Lettenberger. Ahalya is a professional swimmer, Tokyo Paralympic silver medalist, and undergraduate student. The trio discusses what it is like to juggle so many things at once, and how Ahalya feels about her journey to where she is today. Ahalya is known for her sprint finishes, and Haley asks her about these moments and the emotions that come along with them.

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Listen to the Girls Gone Gravel Unbound episode here.

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