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Finding a Way to Get "Unstuck", Part 8
Episode 8947th April 2023 • A Minute at RepcoLite • Dan Hansen
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Are you stuck on some home projects because you’re struggling with your paint colors? I’m Dan Hansen and this is a Minute at RepcoLite.

Color is tricky and many of us get nervous about it. But also, many of us feel we should be able to figure it out. I mean really, how hard is it to pick a wall color for the bedroom? Or a cabinet color for the kitchen? It’s easy until you start trying to do it and begin thinking about the ramifications of getting it wrong. Then it gets a little stressful. And often, it can derail or delay a project. 

Don’t let color decisions stop you from accomplishing your projects! At RepcoLite, we’ve got color experts at all of our locations who can help you sort through the options and get you moving in a direction. On top of that, we have a number of Color Consultants who can make a one hour home visit to help you on site for a fee. Either way . . . we are here to help you get moving on your project. Don’t let color decisions slow you down! Stop out at RepcoLite and let us help. I’m Dan Hansen and that’s a Minute at RepcoLite.