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Episode 2 - Directors Responsibilities (Cont.)
Episode 225th January 2021 • Let's Talk Governance • Grower Group Alliance
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Episode 02 - Director's Responsibilities (Cont)

Duration: 0:32:49

0:00:00 Introduction

0:02:00 Welcome Peter

0:02:28 How do conflicts of interest arise and how are they managed?

0:05:52 GGA Ad: Find your local Grower Group

0:06:15 What are the tests for responsible decision making?

0:09:49 What rights do directors have?

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0:15:08 Who regulates NFP organisations and what are the annual reporting requirements?

0:20:37 What type of insurance protection do NFP organisations need?

0:26:29 GGA Ad: GGA Calendar Ad

0:26:55 Network Question (Phone-in): How should organisations/boards/committees engage with their local or regional aboriginal communities? How do they know who speaks for that country? 

0:32:03 Wrap-up


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