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Is 'Doing Your Own Research' Enough? What You NEED to Know Before You Believe Online
Episode 1125th June 2024 • I Wonder, Getting Curious with Dr. Cristie • Dr. Cristie Ritz-King
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In today's episode, we dive deep into the true meaning of doing your own research. What does it really entail?

How can you distinguish credible research from misinformation? Join me as I share my journey through years of academic research, the challenges of conducting ethical studies, and tips for being a discerning reader in the age of information overload. Whether you're a student, a professional, or just curious, this video will equip you with the tools to understand and appreciate the value of genuine research.

We'll explore:

➡️What qualifies as true research and how it differs from casual reading

➡️The importance of ethical and honest research practices

➡️The misconceptions around research, especially in the age of the internet

➡️How to critically evaluate studies and claims

➡️The significance of sample sizes and study duration for reliable results

Main Takeaways:

➡️Ethical research requires transparency and honesty, with no manipulation of results to fit ➡️preconceived notions.

➡️Understanding research methods and critical thinking are essential in evaluating the validity of information.

➡️A single study is rarely conclusive; reliable research involves repeated studies with consistent results.

➡️Misrepresentation of research findings is common; always look deeper into the data and methodology.

➡️True research is an ongoing process that often raises more questions than it answers.

Ever wondered how to heal from past trauma, navigate parenting challenges, or manage life transitions? Dr. Cristie Ritz-King, a Doctor of Psychology and former Master’s Level Educator, dives deep into these questions and more. Gain valuable insights and practical strategies for healthy communication, navigating divorce, career changes, and raising emotionally sensitive children. Join Dr. Cristie on a journey of exploration and self-discovery.

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