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FFP Member Stories: How Routine Helped Andrew Completely Transform His Body
Episode 3311th October 2021 • Fit Father Project Podcast • Fit Father Project
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When it comes to body transformations, we see a ton from our guys on the FFP programs. For some, it’s just losing the dreaded long-term belly. For others, it’s dropping fat and building solid, lean muscle. Today’s guest done both… and COMPLETELY transformed his body!

Andrew Smith, or Smitty to his friends, started FF30X Phase #1 in January 2021, at 265 lbs. This was one of the heaviest weights he had ever been in his life. Having an athletic and military background, and being an avid rower, Andrew felt he needed help to make a change.

From the very start of the program, Smitty created a routine that followed along with the FFP program teachings. From hydrating early on after waking, to daily weighing, to a delicious post-workout shake for breakfast, Smitty got it dialed in early.

Choosing to follow the program and create a routine around healthy habits paid dividends for Smitty’s health, weight loss, and muscle gain. He lost 15 lbs in his first month, followed by another 7 lbs in month two.

At 57 years young, Smitty’s end result was a 35 lb overall weight loss, with more than this lost in body fat. His increase in muscle mass and definition is very clear to see and is a true inspiration to any guys aged 55 and over. 

This goes to show, it is possible to change your body and health, no matter what age!

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