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Trailer7th February 2022 • The Dr. Geo Podcast • Dr. Geo Espinosa
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So you may be wondering, why another podcast, and what is the Dr. Geo Podcast going to be about? 

Aren't there millions of health-related podcasts out there?

How is this one going to be different? 

Well, I've been clinically practicing integrative and functional medicine, as well as naturopathic medicine in men's health. I work with men with male problems, from prostate cancer of all types and bone metastases to enlarged prostate and urinary problems. 

One of the topics on this podcast will be covering the natural approaches that actually work for these health problems that many men face.

Through my experience with thousands of patients, I may have some answers for you.

I want to take an in-depth look at these problems, research them with you, and provide you with actionable information and natural approaches that can work for these male conditions. 

I’m also going to be interviewing medical doctors and natural doctors that deal with these conditions as well. 

I plan to hear from you too. In fact, I want you to be really engaged with the Dr. Geo Podcast. 

Send me your questions, and I'll answer them. 

Although I cannot be your doctor, and I'm not going to play one in this podcast, I actually am a real doctor. 

The goal is simple. I want you to be more proactive in your own healthcare with tools and information that will help you live your best life as you age. 

My mission is to help men live better as they age. So join me in this journey and become an engaged participant of the Dr. Geo Podcast.

You can follow the podcast on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. 

You can also watch the full episodes of the podcast on my Youtube channel

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