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The Editor Cometh! Collin talks about the Q2Q Film Festival.
Episode 218th November 2021 • Queer 2 Queer Cast • Collin Miller
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From the HML podcast episode description:

We don't believe in the glorification of murderers. We do believe in the empowerment of queers who love TV and film. (To clarify: in regards to the stuff about "You," we are KIDDING.)

Hi there! Our editor got a blowout on an open highway (nobody was injured) and has been recovering. That's why this episode is a day late, and we do apologize. Speaking of our editor, Collin Miller (@squidlegs) is on the pod this time around. He talks to the boys all about the upcoming "Queer 2 Queer" Film Festival on November 20th. Live events start in the Margo Jones Theatre at 2pm and the films themselves will premiere at 6pm. The films will be available online as of November 21st and will stream until November 27th, but if you can come visit us in person, then please do so. Tyler and Andy are hosting, so you know it'll be a good time.

Here's where you can find all the info you need for in-person or online ticket purchasing:


Tyler- @homosmodernlife

Andy- @Andyfromboystory


Emilio J. Lopez - director of "In a Strange Room" - their YouTube is "Emilio J. Lopez"