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Carl Pritchard: World's Recognized Authority on Risk Management, Making Risk Fun!
Episode 1129th March 2022 • The Business Samurai • John Barker
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PMI's 2019 Global Winner of "Best of the Best"

Carl Pritchard is one of the most recognizable trainers in the Project Management industry.  As a contributor and authorized trainer for the Project Management Institute’s industry leading PMP certification.  Carl went on to specialize in risk management and his been a sought after speaker and consultant for his engaging and fun way he discusses risk and project management which are not typically viewed in the most thrilling and exciting lights. Carl is 2019’s PMI Global Best of the Best. The top award given out.   

In todays' episode we get into Carl's transition from news director to world project management authority.

How Carl became the foremost expert in risk management. He literally wrote the book on it.

What companies get right and wrong about risk.

How to apply risk management principles in an engaging way.

We discuss cyber security and risk management approaches.

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