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Prayer 2021 - Pastor Robert Thibodeau EPISODE 242, 1st September 2021
Prayer 2021 - September 1 - How to Interpret Scripture pt 1
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Prayer 2021 - September 1 - How to Interpret Scripture pt 1

Scripture For Today:

Exodus 8:29

“Moses answered, “As soon as I leave you, I will pray to the Lord, and tomorrow the flies will leave Pharaoh and his officials and his people. Only let Pharaoh be sure that he does not act deceitfully again by not letting the people go to offer sacrifices to the Lord.””


How to Interpret Scripture pt 1

As we were studying the past several sessions on what various Apostle’s had to say about prayer, we also learned we had to take the scriptures in context. You cannot take a scripture out of the setting it was written in and try to make it say something that contradicts what the rest of the Bible says, right?

There is one major way we can learn to interpret Scripture that will almost always work. Are you ready to learn it?

We need to interpret Scripture – IN LIGHT OF OTHER SCRIPTURES!

Amazing! Right?

What you need to do is look up all of the scripture references you can find that talk about the problem or situation you are facing. You’ve heard me talk on this before in laying out a Prayer of Petition, right?

When we put all of the relevant verses together, then something powerful will start to happen…

They all start to support, amplify and clarify one another! They will all fit together and actually bring clarity and a special anointing on the verses as you pray them. Amen!

Isn’t that what you would normally want when studying God’s Word? 

Too many times, someone will read “a verse” in the Bible and suddenly have a great “revelation.” They will build an entire belief system around ONE VERSE.

The problem with that is when you see other scriptures that reference the same thing, but do not say the same thing as your “favorite” verse, you’re in trouble. You either ignore one and cling to the other – or cling to one and ignore ALL the others that may disagree with you.

For example, Mark 16:17-18 discuss “These signs shall follow those that believe…” and then it says, “…and they shall take up serpents…”  There have been some people that actually believe they need to be a snake handler in order to demonstrate their faith.

And some people have died in the process. Amen!

I hate snakes. I will not handle one, period!

But, besides that point, that verse does not create a specific command to handle snakes, like some would interpret that.

Paul was bitten by a snake by accident. He did not intentionally handle the snake, right?  So that means, he had a RIGHT (a scriptural and Spiritual RIGHT) to believe and stand on Mark 16 for his healing.

Do you want further proof?  Name ONE disciple or Apostle that handled snakes to PROVE they had Faith.  You can’t! There is not ONE example! Amen!

Do you see how some people would take a verse out of context with NO support from any other scripture in the Bible?

That is why you need to follow the Biblical Law of Bible Interpretation – which says that Scripture is to be interpreted in Light of other Scriptures! Amen!  How simple is that?

If you understand this now – shout AMEN SOMEBODY!  Glory to God!

Let’s Pray! 

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