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Turning on your "Sovereign" CEO
Episode 1622nd June 2021 • Divine Feminine CEO • The Uncorporette
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Last month, my son turned 5 - and I've watched him step into his "sovereignty" in a whole new way. In this episode, we'll explore what "power" really means for us as mothers, and how to activate your own inner CEO.

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • What is “sovereignty”? How do we claim our own inner “power”?
  • How to know when you’re (unintentionally) giving your power away
  • Recognizing distorted power 
  • Claiming what’s authentic for YOU
  • Making authentic decisions from love (not fear)
  • Using JOY as a “litmus test” for whether you’re in your sovereignty
  • How to avoid the energy drain of “expectations”  
  • Finding your answers within (even when it’s tempting to look to others for an “easy” way out)