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Aging with Finesse
Episode 7813th December 2021 • Boomer Banter, Real Talk about Aging Well • Wendy Green
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Aging with Finesse is the title of a 3-book series by Dr. Mary Flett and the basis of the discussion we had on the show today. What does it mean to age today, when we live longer and we still have so much to contribute? People are finding that they feel invisible, both as older workers and as retired individuals.

Dr. Mary has developed what she calls, The Five Pillars of Aging, much of which is based on an exchange of information she had with people in a senior living facility as part of an ongoing course. In our discussion she described the Five Pillars of Aging as:

  1. A Legacy of Values
  2. Adaptation and Accomodation
  3. Staying engaged
  4. Have purpose and meaning
  5. I am enough, I have enough, there is enough, and I define what is good enough. 

We laughed, we shared stories, we connected with each other and with the live audience. There is much to be learned in this conversation. 



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