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Behind the Screen with Carrie Schmidt
Episode 3612th June 2022 • Butterfly Kisses • Amy Gray-Cunningham
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Join Amy as she talks with Carrie Schmidt about Carrie's new book- Behind the Screen. Carrie's goal is to reach, teach, and transform over 1 million lives globally by helping to raise human consciousness and mental health awareness. 

In this episode, Carrie opens up about her struggles with drug addiction and how she never felt good enough. It wasn't until her son's birth and her father's death that she realized she would only find the answers she sought by going within to find her truth. 

Also, Amy and Carrie discuss world events and how our perception of reality and what goes on "behind the screen" affects how we react. Carrie gives real examples of how we as a community can raise the consciousness and bring the darkness we are experiencing into the Light.

Bringing about real change requires listening to one another and seeing the Spirit within us all. When we do this, the Light will shine. We must remember we may not always agree, but we will always thrive with love as the foundation!

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