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Relationships...Expectation vs Reality, 50-50 Dating Culture, and the 20/80 Rule
2nd November 2022 • C Students • C Students
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Welcome to class! Today we're going deep with relationships. We're covering everything from what it's like being in one to what you should be doing if you want to be in one. wouldn't be a real relationship if we didn't talk about: finances, expectations, and who wears the pants in the relationship (*cough*'s neither of you).

Grab your popcorn because everybody and their mom's/mother-in-laws are going to have an opinion on this one!

Show Notes:

02:20 | Being in a it's going?

04:19 | Is the grass really greener on the other side?

09:50 | The phases & dynamics of a relationship

15:12 | Being realistic about dating & finances

18:56 | Dating in a tech world...quantity over quality

22:41 | Age + Motivation/Expectation is a bell curve

28:40 | Expectation & Reality, let's be honest

33:01 | Focus on yourself, attract instead of chase

37:15 | Have self respect, but no one owes you anything

43:56 | Thoughts on 50-50 dating culture

50:47 | Power struggles...the 20/80 rule

54:12 | Opposite views on compatibility & love languages

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