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Ep. 198 - Disrupt-Her: Miki Agrawal Inspires Modern Women to Question the Status Quo
Episode 19828th February 2019 • Almost 30 • Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik
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Today we sit down with Miki Agrawal. Miki is the Co-Founder + Chief Inventor of THINX, TUSHY, and WILD. THINX is the period-proof underwear company that’s disrupting the feminine-hygiene market, while TUSHY is a modernized bidet set to transform your health, hygiene and life. In Miki’s restaurant, WILD, she serves up seasonal farm-to-table fare that’s gluten-free and delicious. Oh, and did we mention that Miki is also an author, DJ, and mom?  Her new book Disrupt-Her is a  modern woman’s manifesto and now has a permanent spot on our night table’s.  This powerful book is inspiring women all over the world to take powerful action in 13 different areas of their lives.   We know you will say F*CK YEA a few dozen times in this episode, so beware of your surroundings! In today’s conversation we talk about what led Miki to start writing the book and her wakeup call to fulfill her dreams.


We also talk about…


  • What sparked the idea for THINX

  • How Miki moves past inexperience

  • The way her family champions disruptive mentality

  • Breaking out from societal pre-conditioning  

  • What a S.N.A.G. is + why he’s important

  • Having your voice be heard about the low vibration of porn

  • The contract that Miki and her husband created for the betterment of their relationship

  • Creating and nurturing adult friendships

  • How being on her lit path has enhanced her life


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