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Episode 2614th October 2021 • What's My Story • Robert Kennedy III
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What's the cure for getting off of the streets? Is it an arrest? Is it a scared straight moment? No, it's moving in with your dad.

What's In Store For You

We're going to talk about a story of a young man whose life changed when he moved in with his dad. Our guest today is not only a health nut, he is also the co-founder of the Success Fundamentals podcast. He's a successful financial advisor who was once a starting defensive back for East Carolina University.

How did he go from growing up in the a neighborhood where drugs and gangs are an everyday occurrence into the successful and disciplined man he is now? Let's hear Kris Sykes' story!

  • [03:40] What's the most exciting thing that's happening in Kris' world right now?
  • [05:14] Where did Kris grow up and how did he make success happen considering his environment was not the most conducive to make that happen.
  • [08:25] Growing up in College Park, Georgia, did he ever see a greater vision for himself back then?
  • [12:14] When did it occur to Kris that "there must be something more to life than this"?
  • [15:42] What made Kris stay with his mom even after an opportunity for a better life with his dad came up?
  • [18:23] What were the pivotal moments in Kris' life that made him decide to live with his dad?
  • [21:55] How did living with his dad begin to impact Kris' vision for the future?
  • [24:10] As a successful financial advisor/planner, what are two big lessons that he would like to impart to some of his friends from his old neighborhood?
  • [27:22] What will Kris tell the people from his old neighborhood to set as a "possible" goal to become successful?


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