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Morgan Laurens: The Writer Helping Artists Tell Their Stories
Episode 1876th September 2022 • Not Real Art • Crewest Studio
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Storytelling—whether visual, verbal, or written—is an essential part of the artist’s toolkit. Stories forge connections, evoke emotions, and help people understand different ideas and perspectives. 

In this week’s podcast episode, NOT REAL ART founder Scott “Sourdough” Power introduces a new member to the crew: Editor-in-Chief Morgan Laurens. With a background in printmaking, pop culture, and classic literature, Morgan is an arts writer from the Midwest who specializes in grant writing and narrative-based storytelling for mission-driven artists and arts organizations. 

“Being able to help people tell their stories, with visuals and with words, has been really gratifying for me,” she tells Scott. “We get so many positive messages from the artists that we work with.” 

In today’s episode, Morgan shares her vision for NOT REAL ART’s editorial, how big-picture narratives set the publication apart, and why purposeful storytelling is so important in today’s digital landscape. You’ll also gain some insight into Morgan’s journey from art school graduate to writer/editor, and learn about her enduring fascination with the Midwest arts scene. 

Lastly, Morgan offers her opinion on overblown, baffling “artspeak,” explaining how it severs the emotional connection artists need to establish with their audience. “If you’re trying to improve your writing, you should forget everything that you learned in school!” she says, adding that academic writing alienates the reader and teaches artists to distance themselves from their work. 

Learn more about Morgan’s mission to banish artspeak for good, help artists tell stories that stick, and foster emotional connections that resonate with art lovers and artists alike.

In Today’s Episode

Morgan Laurens discusses…

  • NOT REAL ART’s  mission to make art and artists more accessible through storytelling
  • Her exciting and innovative vision for the blog over the next few years
  • Why NOT REAL ART publishes human interest stories rather than formal art criticism 
  • The importance of creating thoughtful stories in a world already drowning in content
  • What she finds most gratifying about her work as editor in chief, and what she believes sets the editorial apart
  • The prevalence of pompous artspeak in the art world, and what you can do about it
  • Why you should forget everything you learned in school if you want to be a better writer
  • Some tactics for cutting stuffy academia and art-world snobbery from your writing
  • Why and how she became an writer, even after graduating with a fine arts degree
  • A few of her favorite things about the Midwestern arts scene

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