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Ep19: 7 tips for writing your website About Page
Episode 1924th January 2022 • Beyond the Kitchen Table (previously the Website Coach) • Marie Brown
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Writing your About Page is the hardest page to write on your website.  And, to be honest, it is the page most people get WRONG (that and the services page – but that’s another podcast episode!!)

You don’t like talking about yourself.  Maybe, like me, you’re British and were brought up that’s it is rude to brag.  Maybe you used to work for a large organisation and had been taught it isn’t about you - it is about the company.  And you just feel uncomfortable talking about yourself.  You don’t want the spotlight on you.  You just want to get on with building your business. 

But your About Page is a hugely important page on your website.   Website visitors usually want to know more about you before they decide to work with you - it is about the know, like and trust factor.  They say people buy from people.  Actually, when you run a service based business people buy from people they think understand them.

They’re interested in YOU and they are looking to see if they think YOU can help them.  And to be honest, we’re all a bit nosey!!

So what can you do?

Well I’m here to help.  I have 7 top tips which I hope will make the difference.


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