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The rePSYCHling of Talent – with Dr Tracy Rea
Episode 2918th November 2022 • Beyond The Water Cooler • Lisa LLoyd
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Dr Tracy Rea, Director and Founder of Talent Transfer Ltd, and Dr of Philosophy for talent transfer, joins me to discuss a much-needed perspective on rethinking skills, roles and people development.

At a time when so many employees are considering new roles in new companies, there has never been a more important time to consider the talent agenda. The need to create the right environment to fast track people to achieve organisation goals is evident. Here, Tracy explains how and why.

We discuss:

  • Rethinking role boundaries to prioritise the skill set needed to meet strategic requirements 
  • Operational vs strategic development
  • The 'development' debate: upskill and employees may leave vs they leave anyway
  • Creating the right environment for people to have a voice
  • Self-awareness, including politics as experienced by individuals vs the good of the organisation
  • The absence of intentional development to fulfil roles following recruitment and the impact on employee experience and staff turnover
  • Servant leadership

Tracy knows her stuff! She is informative and talks common sense, so a question to ask yourself is: Why are more people not taking such a sensible approach to talent transfer and development?

More about Tracy

As the founder of Talent Transfer (the rePSYCHling of talent), Tracy Rea has successfully created a framework grounded in high performance sport and applied across business. Her purpose is to enable others to successfully navigate their own transition across industries and roles to find work that is more meaningful. Conversely, she also works with organisations to help challenge, educate and inform their approach on strategic talent management to encourage a more diverse workforce. Her own experiences of moving across high-performance sport to financial services and to construction has proved this hypothesis, and she shares these lived experiences through lectures, workshops and coaching.

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