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The secret to raising 10 children and smashing your business with Danusia Malina-Derben
Episode 427th July 2020 • Mpower Podcast for mums in business • Nicola Huelin Mpower mums in business
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What we cover

  •  At the age of 17 and about to start a Scholarship at The World Ballet with legs insured for £1M, Danusia found out she was pregnant
  • Whilst others were starting there further education or Scholarships, she stayed at home and learnt to knit
  • Fast forward to 2012, now with 7 children, Danusia found out she was expecting triplets
  • Dealing with a high risk pregnancy, whilst in the thick of having a very successful business as a top level Leadership coach
  • Giving birth at 6 months pregnant and finding herself as a single parent of 7 children plus triplets in a critical care unit
  • Learning the key to succeeding as a mother and business woman, which she reveals for the very first time in this interview and it has become the topic of her forthcoming book

More about Danusia

Danusia Malina-Derben is an entrepreneur and straight-talking consultant. After earning her PhD scholarship, Danusia rose from ESRC Research Fellow to senior levels as an Organisational Behaviour and Development expert. Much of her academic research focused on cross-cultural research & impact in OB. She has authored more than 30 international articles and book chapters and remains one of a select few in the United Kingdom to secure publication in the prestigious US-based, Academy of Management Journal on cross-cultural methodology.

After leaving her tenured academic post she became an authority on C-level execs and Boards. Through her C-suite consulting Danusia influences the way Boards strategise; redirects company vision, reignites C-suiters influence and re-aligns their leadership prowess. A ‘pocket dynamo’, Danusia’s straightforward interventions [combined with her humour and warmth] bring results. Danusia’s knowledge and background in cross-cultural Organisational Behaviour and Development enable her to work impactfully with clients globally.

Danusia is also founder of School For Mothers. The School for Mothers Podcast has reached #1 on the UK Apple Podcasts Business charts ahead of Tim Ferriss of Four Hour week fame as well as Gary V and Guy Raz. In a nutshell, the School for Mothers Podcast disrupts narrative about working motherhood. It offers new conversation about what it takes to be fulfilled as WOMEN, once we become mothers. SFM is all about the woman behind the mother and each podcast episode brings unfiltered conversations on motherhood, work, culture and way more. Her upcoming book sets out new paradigms for ambitious mothers who want more than balance. Danusia is also host of second business podcast, the School for Fathers Podcast.

Danusia is a dynamic media contributor on future C-level trends, cultivating women's leadership and debates about women's careers and family. She is also a mother of ten including her “last baby', triplets of seven years old.

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